MAXTELO® Party Speaker

With this Party Speaker, you really bring the party mood everywhere…

  • Model: 112
  • 80W RMS
  • Wooden Cabinet
  • Dual 10 inch Woofer
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About MAXTELO® Party Speakers

With this Party Speaker, you really bring the party mood everywhere. The sound miracle makes the audience shine with cool LED light effects, looks really strong and with its powerful stereo speakers, provides an equally strong sound.

With the Bluetooth functionality, you simply enjoy more convenience. Connect your mobile devices wirelessly to listen to your favorite music, for example. The wireless connection is established in just a few steps and allows you sufficient freedom of movement thanks to a large range.

MAXTELO® 112 Features

1. Ultra-low distortion amplifying circuit

2. Digital karaoke, treble and bass independent adjustment

3. Built-in MP3 encoding supporting U disk

4. Unique acoustic appearance design

5. Professional treble and bass gain controlling circuit

6. Built-in battery for outdoor activities

7. Built-in professional wireless microphone system

8. Professional high-effective loud-speaking unit

9. Compatible to DVD/VCD/PC and other sound sources

10. Suitable for adaptor and charging

11. Intelligent power switch charging circuit

MAXTELO® 112 Basic Specifications