MAXTELO® Screen Protector

Easy to Install, LUXURY & DURABLE…

Model: MXTL-SP-IP1461

Size: 6.1 Inches

Compatible with:

  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 14 Pro
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1. The box contains a screen protector inserter to easily apply to your iPhone.

2. Perfect fit to your screen thanks to its ultra-thin structure.

3. Smooth glossy surface.

4. Quality durable Aluminosilicate glass material ensures long-term use.

5. Easy to stick, self-adsorption.

6. Bubble free high quality HD image.

7. With double vacuum technology, colors are more vivid and natural.

8. Provides high resolution thanks to its 0.33mm thinness.

9. You can get a stable and clear image.

10. Effectively eliminates incident and reflected light on the screen, reducing eye strain and with Minimizes glare.

11. 9H degree of hardness; scratch and abrasion resistant.

12. A fingerprint-resistant and smudge-proof surface.

13. It can be easily wiped thanks to its waterproof structure.

14. Being erasable, it helps you get rid of dirt and oil stains and keeps your screen clean for a long time